Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security is Flinja's top concern. We have created this page in order to keep our Users and Service Providers (hereafter collectively referred to as "users") informed as to our privacy policy. However, it is the user's responsibility to occasionally review this policy, as changes may be made to it from time to time without notification.

How We Use Your Information

The use of Flinja's services requires the submission and collection of personal information including, but not limited to, first names and surnames, addresses, and other contact information (such as phone numbers or email addresses).

By registering with Flinja, you agree to and allow our use of your information insofar as it is related to your experience on the website. That is, in registering and providing information, you agree that it will be viewed by other users as well as site moderators. Your use of Flinja also allows Flinja to contact you occasionally for the purpose of collecting information regarding user experience and/or for the purpose of the dissemination of promotional material (such as deals, specials,etc.). Flinja does not collect information from minors and if we find that a user is a minor (a person younger than eighteen years old), we will remove that user's information.

Flinja also has the right to collect anonymous information (such as the number of mouse clicks or average amount of time spent on the website) for the purpose of analysis. Again, this information is anonymous, will remain anonymous, and is used only for the purpose of analyzing the use of our website so as to improve our users' experience. This information is also untraceable to any specific individual or user.

Flinja Does Not Sell Collected Information

Flinja has never, will never, and currently does not sell the information we collect from our users to a third-party for marketing purposes. Your information is your own, end of story.

Flinja aims to have a safe, civil, and productive user experience. As such, we do not allow anonymous reviews. We have developed an "open review" policy whereuserscan rate and respond to each other. By doing so, we hope to create a more open and more civil user experience on both ends.

Your submission of personal information on Flinja also means you agree to share this information with the Flinja staff as well as other Users and Service Providers. Flinja does not guarantee that other users of this website will be as careful with your information as we will be. Therefore, while Flinja only shares your information with the service providers whom you have contacted or contracted, we are not responsible for the use of your information by these service providers. Please refer to the provider's own privacy policy.

Flinja reserves the right to share anonymous demographic and analytic information with advertisers (NOT spam marketers). This information is anonymous and cannot be linked to any individual. Flinja, however, also reserves the right to release the personal information of its users if: 1) the user has violated our terms of use policy; 2) Flinja is required to by law (such as, but not limited to, a court order);or 3) the release of information is necessary to ensure the protection of the personal safety or property of Flinja, Flinja's associates, our users, or a member of the general public.


The safety of our users is Flinja's top priority. Our entire business structure, from the open review process to the third-party payment system, was designed to protect the property and person of our users, including the personal information they submit to the website for view by other Users and Service Providers. With that said, the user must be aware thatdespite the number of security precautions taken, it is impossible to guarantee the safety of information on the Internet with complete certainty. Flinja cannot claim that your information is totally, completely, and utterly safe from activities such as hacking or other illegal activity, or in the event of the malfunctioning or failure of equipment or networks.

Barring these events or activities, Flinja takes every necessary precaution to secure and safeguard our users' privacy, person, and property.

Other Websites

Our users, affiliates, or employees may post hyperlinks to other websites on Flinja. Flinja is not responsible for the content or policies of these other websites.


Flinja stores user information in the form of cookies, allowing Flinja to recognize users on their return. For example, many websites use cookies to log in returning users automatically. The user may disable cookie storage through their browser at the cost of reducing their user experience on Flinja.

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