Meet the Flinja Team


Victor Young

CEO, University of Waterloo

As Chief Executive Officer, Victor is responsible for product vision and overall business direction. He previously founded Enet, the nation’s largest cloud insurance Customer Relationship Management and e-Application for Fortune 100 insurance companies. He has built and managed a work force of over 500 employees and contractors nationwide.

As an investor, he specializes in growing and guiding early-stage startups into successful businesses. He assists in product advice and feedback to entrepreneurs as well as critical investment capital to seed ideas and watch them blossom.


Rebecca Bahr

VP of Marketing, McGill University

Rebecca Bahr is the Vice President of Marketing. She graduated with an MBA from McGill University, and a BS from Queens University.

Her past experience includes being a former McKinsey consultant and senior marketing and analytics manager at Google, eBay, Cisco, & Nokia.


Tyler Horan

CTO, The New School

As Flinja's Chief Technology Officer, Tyler is responsible for operations, product development and our technology strategy. Tyler earned his Ph.D. studying social media networks at The New School in New York and has given talks on social networking in countries across the globe.

Currently based in New York City, Tyler is an avid traveler and can be spotted at JFK's terminal 8 when not building social systems in his Brooklyn office.


Trevor Metoxen

Product Strategy & Market Analysis, Stanford University

Trevor is an integral part of product strategy and market analysis at Flinja. He attended Stanford University, getting his B.S. in Management Science and Engineering.

Experience consulting with companies such as Game Closure, Morgan Fabrics, and Metaio on management, product, and business strategy.


Calvin Shen

Advisor, University of California - Irvine

Calvin is an advisor for Flinja. His previous experience includes being a former senior engineer at Microsoft and CTO at Novem Technology.

Calvin has experience with developing complex CRM/Sales tools for the Healthcare and Gaming industry.


Krystle Bates

Software Developer, Indiana University

Krystle is responsible for assisting in the development of the Flinja. She graduated from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business getting her B.S. in Marketing.

Krystle is also a graduate of Launch Academy and her past experience includes interning at CommonKey.


Herry Lian

UX/Business Development, Stanford University

Herry is responsible for the user experience and business development of Flinja.

His previous experience includes being a former COO of Contur, where he cofounded with two founding members of Microsoft Azure, Stanford Buspreneur and Director of Marksman Academy.


Ken Miller

Product & Risk Strategist

Ken is responsible for the risk and strategy for Flinja. Before joining Flinja, he was the #20 employee and Former VP of Risk at PayPal.

He also founded click-fraud company Anchor Intelligence with Ron Conway. His last role was as VP of Product Management, Pricing, & Strategic Risk at Intuit.